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Can Hydrow work without membership?

by Brooke Donovan
1 minutes read

Can Hydrow work without membership? Everything that makes Hydrow unique, including all of our premium workout content and connected fitness elements, will require an active membership. Hydrow rowers without an active membership will operate in Just Row mode and have only very limited functionality.

Which is better peloton or Hydrow? If you are a beginner who wants real-time form guidance, the Peloton is the best option. People who have experience with the Peloton bike or treadmill will also find it easy to transition to the rower. However, if you want an experience that is much closer to actually rowing on the water, Hydrow is a better fit.

What rowing machine is comparable to Hydrow? Both the Hydrow rower and Ergatta rower have screens attached that offer guided workouts (for a membership fee), real-time workout metrics, and challenges that encourage you to reach various fitness goals, but they’re quite different in their mechanics and aesthetics.

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