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How does KT Tape increase circulation?

by Brooke Donovan
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How does KT Tape increase circulation? Kinesiology taping (KT) is used in musculoskeletal practice for preventive and rehabilitative purposes. It is claimed that KT improves blood flow in the microcirculation by creating skin convolutions and that this reduces swelling and facilitates healing of musculoskeletal injuries.

Does KT tape affect circulation? KT Applications. The manufacturers of Kinesio Tex tape state that if the tape is applied in specific ways, it can facilitate an increase in circulation. This increase subsequently might lead to increased function as more oxygen is delivered to the muscle.

Why does KT Tape Make Me Itch? The majority of ‘allergic reactions’ are actually skin irritations caused by over-stretching the tape when applying, or excessive friction on the skin. All SPORTTAPE products are hypoallergenic and latex free.

Does KT Tape help muscles? “Depending on the way kinesiology tape is applied, it can be used for a variety of different things including, but not limited to, muscle inhibition/facilitation, pain relief, decreasing swelling, proprioceptive stability (helping your muscles provide stability while still allowing for motion), and tissue decompression …

Does KT Tape work on ribs? How KT Tape can help. Use KT Tape to relieve pressure and pain, increase circulation to promote the healing process, and relax any strained muscles*. Due to the properties of Kinesiology Tape, the ribs remain flexible enough to allow for breathing, but excess motion is alleviated and increased circulation is encouraged …

Does KT Tape help with scar tissue? Fibrotic tissue, fresh scars, but also older and bonded scars can be treated well with a Medical Taping therapy; CureTape®. The kinesiology tape will accelerate the scar healing and also ensures smoother skin.

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Does KT tape help shin splints?

Kinesiology therapeutic (KT) tape may help prevent and treat shin splints. KT tape may also help stabilize the muscle around the shin and improve blood flow. Using tape provides compression, which may help to boost circulation and reduce pain. You can use KT tape in conjunction with other healing modalities.

Does KT Tape come off with sweat?

KT Tape, once applied, will not shift due to sweat and can even be worn while swimming or in the shower. Unlike regular athletic tape, which is removed after the activity if finished, KT Tape will stay in place for up to five days.

Does KT Tape help hamstring strain?

How KT Tape can help hamstring pain. Use KT Tape to relax the injured muscles and increase circulation to the area, as well as provide significant pain relief*. Hamstring muscle pain and injuries can be debilitating and keep you off your feet for quite some time if not treated properly.

Does KT tape stay on in the shower?

Kinesio Tape® is water resistant. You may shower, bathe and swim with Kinesio Tape® on the skin. Let the tape air dry, or pat dry with a towel (do not use a hair dryer to dry). Avoid sun/excessive heat on the tape.

How does KT Tape help wrist pain?

Treatment: This KT Tape application will take pressure off of the wrist and help to facilitate normal movement and decrease inflammation. As a result of the decreased inflammation and support, pain will quickly be decreased – if not eliminated.

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