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What is overreaching in training?

by Brooke Donovan
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What is overreaching in training? Overreaching is an acute (short-term) period in which increased metabolic stress is placed upon the body during certain training phases. Many coaches program with an understanding that their lifters will and should enter into this phase.

What is overreaching in horses? Overreaching is when the toe of the hind hoof strikes the back of the front foot. It can cause severe bruising, abrasions and sometimes nasty cuts into the delicate heel area. Overreach boots wrap around your horse’s pasterns, covering and protecting his heels.

What causes overreaching? Sometimes, the body doesn’t heal as quickly as it should. That “overreach” can be caused by high-intensity training, a big increase in training volume or even the way running interacts with your life outside of short shorts (things like lack of sleep, too much work or inadequate nutrition).

What is overreaching in running? Overreaching in training means that you are training at a much higher volume or intensity than normal, AND higher volume or intensity that is not immediately matched with adequate rest.

What’s another word for overreaching? In this page you can discover 30 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for overreach, like: , overextend, overact, outreach, outsmart, fool, cheat, overdo, overlay, encroach on and encroach upon.

What is overreaching in exercise? Overreaching is a temporary condition that occurs in response to heavy or intense loads. The symptoms of overreaching are generally feeling unwell, disrupted sleep, and mood fluctuations. It does not have any significant impact on athletic performance.

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How do I know if I’m overreaching?

Symptoms of overreaching include muscle soreness that lasts more than two days (sometimes muscles are swollen, red and warm to the touch). Also, watch out for injury, such as chronic tendinitis or a stress fracture.

Is overreaching good?

Overreaching can be an effective and important part of a training cycle when properly programed. It typically results in additional fatigue and soreness. Upon recovery, the desired outcome is an obvious improvement or “supercompensation” in that specific sport or activity.

What is meant by overreaching?

1 : to reach above or beyond : overtop. 2 : to defeat (oneself) by seeking to do or gain too much. 3 : to get the better of especially in dealing and bargaining and typically by unscrupulous or crafty methods.

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